Why Your Child’s First Twelve Years are the Most Important

It may seem obvious, but childhood is precious. By age 12, 80% of a child’s learning for life is embedded. By age 14, 90% of their language, knowledge and skills are in place. Childhood is a fleeting time which can be exhausting, especially for busy Mums and Dads, but it can also be memorable and significant.


The years children spend with you and at school are vital and valuable. Parents and schools get one chance to give a child their best. In saying this, parents and teachers are simply human, and everyone gets it wrong from time to time. So how can you make the most of those crucial years at home, school and together?


Making childhood special shouldn’t cause anxiety or cost a fortune. My number one tip is simple: don’t let being ‘busy’ get the better of you! Time is the best gift you can give your child. By continuing to put time and energy into relationships with your children, you can foster essential development while they are still impressionable. Feeling overwhelmed? Consider these easy ideas:


bee-01 Connect and Engage Regularly

Whether it is family dinners, board games, or having a casual conversation on the couch, connecting with your child is vital. Make the most of time spent together by ensuring chat or play is genuine and consistent. Allocate time to do something special together and make sure you are engaged, not spending the whole time on your phone – get involved!


bee-01 Get Hands-on with Homework

Don’t panic, this is not a test of your abilities! Keeping a close eye on homework is a way to measure your children’s engagement and confidence in their school work. Simply listening to what their tasks are will help you keep track – they might even teach you something!


bee-01 Let Kids have Free Time

Your children need unscheduled time to create their own fun, so be sure to leave some afternoons free of sports, tutoring and music lessons. Though activities are essential for development, priceofcialis avoid involving children in too many at once, as it can lead to exhaustion and anxiety, which stifle creativity and confidence.


bee-01 Give Children Chores

This is serious! Even though they complain, giving children responsibilities of their own, allows them to learn valuable life lessons and skills. This can be anything from helping with laundry, setting the table, or putting toys away.


A child’s development depends on priorities, values, education, learning, teachers and parents. By bringing these aspects together at school and home, you can enrich your child’s development and the lessons they take with them for life.


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