What Do Parents Expect from Teachers?

Some people may think it’s about knowledge and discipline. Some think it’s about connecting with children. Some may see it’s about the amount of homework they give. I’m sure your expectations of teachers and schooling can be summarised with a few key points. I’m sure that most of you want teachers who:


bee-01 Expect the best of your child and encourage their learning
A good teacher is determined that every pupil will reach their potential. They have the ability to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of a student, and work with them to bridge learning gaps and reach goals.


bee-01 Use testing and results to help your child grow and develop
Measured learning is a great way to gauge the progression and development of a child. Through implementing testing, teachers are able to adjust content, provide better tools for learning, and individually tailor curriculum to better the results of each student.


bee-01 Are a strong role model and leader
A positive role model provides a balance of discipline and empathy. Whilst it is important to effectively manage the classroom with guidelines for behaviour and learning, it is equally important to acknowledge the emotional wellbeing of students. A good teacher has an all-encompassing vision of education that requires an open mind and an open heart.


bee-01 Provide a safe and nurturing classroom
Providing a safe and nurturing classroom environment is the foundation for positive learning experiences. Creating a productive environment for students enables teachers to foster respect and compassion, and encourage personal and academic growth.


bee-01 Are passionate about what they are teaching and show a true love of learning
A good teacher is always passionate. They communicate and engage with students and allow them to blossom through learning. This attitude, combined with genuine knowledge and a desire to make a difference in the world, is what makes them a truly great teacher for your child.


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