Understanding your child’s school report

All of you would have received your child’s/children’s reports for each year of their schooling. Understanding what they mean may be a concern for some parents.

Most children, about 70%, will perform, function and be graded as ‘at class level’. This may be labelled as C, Sound, Satisfactory or other terms. This means that your child is on track for the class, having achieved that class level of academic development.

Within that group, there will be much variation, from lower C to upper C. This could mean that your child is functioning very well within the class. It could also mean that another child may be just attaining class level.

A simple way of understanding standardised reporting is:-

A – 2%  – Well above class level

B – 14% – Above class level

C – 68% – At class level

D – 14% – Below class level

E – 2% – Well below class level

Here is an important point.

You may think if your child is at C level in mid-year and C level at the end of year/grade, that he/she has not improved.

It means that your child is managing class/grade level work and has maintained that position at mid-year and end of year.

Depending on the particular school’s composition, there may be variations in results that affect school performance. This could vary due to location, language backgrounds, parents’ educational background, www.medicine20.org resources, allocation of funding and other factors.

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