Top 5 blogs for Aussie Mums

At LessonBuzz we are always searching for ideas that wow us, inspire us and help us grow. The online world of blogs is a great place to find new and exciting ideas to integrate into your world of learning and play. We have put together a list of our top 5 blogs by passionate Aussie Mums, to help you on the journey that is parenthood.



1. Childhood 101
The Childhood 101 blog is a brilliant snapshot of play, learning and positive parenting featuring hundreds of articles written by a team of everyday parents. Dubbed the ‘online guide to parenting and play in the real world’, the blog touches on topics such as art, imaginary and sensory play, literacy, maths, science, nature, behaviour, parenting, and family routines (just to name a few).
OUR PICK: Boredom Busters: turn off the TV and play
5/5 BEES bee-01bee-01 bee-01bee-01bee-01 for being our go to guide for all things kid related.




2. Laughing Kids Learn
Looking for DIY activities to keep your kids entertained over the holidays? Laughing Kids Learn is your number one stop for educational ideas for kids that make learning fun! Blog creator Kate and her tiny two year old sidekick promote learning through play using simple, budget friendly materials that you can find at home.
OUR PICK: Rain Cloud Science Experiment
3.5/5 BEES  bee-01 bee-01bee-01bee-02 for thrifty learning tips, and proving there’s more to macaroni collage than meets the eye.




3. Planning with Kids
Long time blogger and Mum of five, Nicole Avery knows how tricky it can be to juggle the demands of kids, career and home. The Planning with Kids blog is jam packed full of valuable tips and tricks to make family life a little less chaotic, including a menu planner app for easy dinners and school lunches. With ever changing content and comprehensive organisational guides this blog is sure to help you handle all the trials and tribulations of daily life as a busy Mum.
OUR PICK: 50+ Easy school night dinner recipes
4/5 BEES  bee-01 bee-01bee-01 bee-01bee-02 for helping us think of something other than a vegemite sandwiches for school lunch.




4. Modern Parent
The Modern Parent blog is a great online resource that helps parents navigate the digital world to create positive learning experiences for their kids. The blog covers a wide range of topics including parenting, technology trends, behaviours, app reviews, and online safety, decoding all that there is to know about the world wide web and tips for tech savvy kids.
OUR PICK: How can parents enforce rules around technology and the online world
4.5/5 BEES  bee-01 bee-01bee-01bee-01bee-02 for up to date, easy to understand, tech talk.




5. Stuff Mums Like
The brainchild of two regular Aussie Mums, Stuff Mums Like is a forum for parents to learn about the latest products, food, travel and activities for kids. The blog offers Mums everyday inspirations for at home menus, family adventures and life on the go, which make for easy weekends, and hassle free homework. Their personal insights into life, love and parenting are honest and refreshing accounts of the challenges of raising kids in our fast paced world.
OUR PICKS: Tips, tricks and must-have products for travelling with babies and toddlers
3.5/5 BEES  bee-01bee-01bee-01bee-02 for handy hints and product reviews for everyday mums.





Got some great ideas about parenting, creative learning, and fun activities for kids? Share your top tips with us below in the comments section – we’d love to hear from you!


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