The many paths to learning

There are eight ways of demonstrating intelligence and your child can express all of them.

While they are young, all children can be exposed to opportunities to develop and experience each. Their natural abilities and strengths will shine through. Childhood needs to be utilised so that intelligence and potential are unlocked and expressed.

Intelligence can be demonstrated in eight ways:

  • Verbal – words

  • Visual – pictures

  • Musical and auditory – sounds

  • Physical – sensory feelings

  • Logical and mathematical – reasoning

  • Social – mixing with others

  • Independent – working alone

  • In combination

Children will have a range of approaches to tasks, which can be called learning styles. Learning comes from the many ways of experiencing a topic or concept.

It is important to not classify or label children as being one type of learner, having a fixed intelligence.

Children have multiple strengths, diverse abilities and great potential. It is important to provide all children with multiple ways to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. It is essential to build on their strengths, needs and areas for growth.

All children can blossom with time, opportunities and nurture.