Technology for Learning

Dear Parents,

Technology represents breakthroughs and advances in human achievement that can be used for many practical purposes.

Technology for learning is a great tool, but not a master. Parents and teachers can lead the way in children’s learning by using technology to support enhance and accelerate children’s education.

In classrooms and homes, technology for children provides an exciting and engaging means of teaching children. It can allow for acceleration of the learning process and make written tasks simpler.

Technology needs to be purposeful. Learning on a computer, iPad or tablet needs to be relevant to curriculum work and reinforce and extend school learning.

At school, teachers can use technology to improve learning by integrating it with the curriculum and teaching practices.

At home, parents can use technology to help their children gain knowledge skills and to use time meaningfully. 

Technology is a great resource, but will never take the place of loving parents and effective and dedicated teachers.