Core materials lead to mastery in programme areas.


The modules, best used together, develop English skills that drive momentum and growth through the learning process.


Each unit defines its content, while each instruction is clearly written and highlighted with all levels spoken.


Lessons are graded in ability levels to develop the child a step at a time.


All lessons have been written by the one teacher and are layered with the one style of written language, thus forming a linguistically united whole.

LessonBuzz for Teachers

  • LessonBuzz is a high-quality, high-impact programme for teaching English literacy to school children between 4 and 13 years of age. It has been specifically designed for the Apple iPad with Kindy also available on iPhone.
  • LessonBuzz is developmental, complementary, instructional, sequential and cohesive. It is an educational resource that links with curriculum components of Literacy, Language and Literature and provides for individual use and assessment.
  • LessonBuzz is a balanced educational programme that allows children to achieve success by providing the necessary scaffolds to build knowledge, skills and understanding step by step.
  • Many lessons begin with familiarising children with the concept and strategy, which models the process or method. Children then apply their skills and understanding to the lesson.
  • LessonBuzz enables the integration of innovative mobile app technology into classroom practice and home learning, while transforming children’s engagement and motivation in the learning process.
  • LessonBuzz is tailored to suit the learning needs of children at all levels between the ages 4 to 13 using the iPad’s transformational access to an advanced speed of learning.