Should Children Be Masters or Winners?

You might think both. You might think neither.

Either way, for children to be the best they can be and master the challenges, is more important than winning.

Children naturally want to learn and understand. site – Their full and thorough engagement in tasks will lead to mastery.

On the other hand, performing for good grades, competition, results, trying to please others or trying to outperform their peers, may lead to individual and social comparisons and disappointments.

Your children need to experience success in terms of: –



progressing and



They need to engage/be involved with activities that: –

 relate to school work

are worthy of their time and effort

build on previous knowledge

provide opportunities for learning and

build their independence

Success and engagement will lead to mastery.

With mastery will come confidence and selfreliance.

Your child will flourish and be the person they’re meant to be.