Finding Their Learning Level

Parents, you may think that the work you see your children do is too easy or too hard. The secret is understanding your child’s learning level, then matching them with the most suitable materials.

How Can You Assess This?

Honestly rate these areas of performance from 1 (least capable) to 5 (extremely capable) to gain a picture of your child.

1. Reading competently with speed, accuracy and expression


2. Following written instructions with 95% accuracy


3. Keeping up with class work and managing time well


4. Working independently, being organised and being accurate


5. Writing, speaking and listening with assurance and understanding


Benefits for Children

  • LessonBuzz provides a collection of engaging apps that comprise a quality English literacy educational resource.
  • LessonBuzz incorporates voice instructions for all levels. Each subject level includes 30 graduated lessons with integrated activities or tasks, as well as amusing and topic-related illustrations.
  • The structure of LessonBuzz provides the flexibility to align apps with the child’s ability, which promotes mastery and progression to the next level.