Making it Simpler

I would like to think that my role in writing to you is to help you understand your child’s and your children’s learning journey. From my experience, I can explain what works and matters, and provide strategies to assist you in simplifying the road ahead.

I would like to think that I can write to you clearly and to the point, so that you can get the most out of my suggestions and advice. Please write back with your ideas and experiences, so we can have a discussion that can help you and other parents.

I can give you tips on how to: –

 . assess your child’s/children’s ability

. improve their reading

. accelerate their learning

. save time and money by focusing on

. activities that develop them

‘ Parents don’t need to be experts – they have to show an interest and be engaged in their child’s education’.

(Smith Family CEO Wendy Field in ‘The Age’ 1/9/2015)

-Marie Cullen