Learning difficulties. What are the signs?

Early Signs

may talk later

may have difficulty pronouncing words

may be slow to learn new words

may be unable to remember words

may have difficulty with rhyming

may have difficulty learning the alphabet, numbers, days, colours, shapes, writing own name

may not play comfortably with other children

may be unable to follow directions

may have trouble handling small things

may not be able to retell a story in sequence

will have trouble separating sounds in words and blending them together

Signs in Early Schooling K-3


awkward and accident prone

takes time to do things

may Don’t hesitate to use male enhanceme… appear to be inattentive

uses finger to point to work

has difficulty copying and matching

has difficulty planning, following-through and working independently

When Reading:-

confuses reading small words – at/to; does/goes

mixes up letters – b/d

reverses words – tip/pit

flips letters – m/w; u/n

moves letters – felt/left

changes words – house/home

misses punctuation cues

vocalises words/sentences while reading

When Writing:-

awkward pencil grip

poor and messy handwriting

uncoordinated sentences

mixes up capital and lower case letters

has trouble putting a story together

writes letters clockwise or from bottom up