Is Homework an essential key to learning?


To do or not to do homework is a topic often debated. Children need:

practice in order to reinforce their learning and

to extend the school day with simple, relevant and meaningful tasks.

Homework needs to:-

be pitched at the child’s level, not above or below

apply skills and activities that can be managed independently and successfully and

be for children, not for parents.


If your child cannot manage their homework, it maybe because:-

it is too hard for them

it’s too advanced

it requires more complex skills and strategies

it is not directed at their current level of need

may be an indication of a child not functioning at class level.

Too often, research projects are allotted as homework. This may produce much anxiety for the children and parents. When homework becomes a struggle:-

it is not learning

it is not effective use of their time and

it will not develop them.

My advice is to keep things simple.

Parents work and need to fit much into the late afternoon and evening.

It is not a time for anxiety and conflict.

Schools need to provide the solution and management strategies to help parents. The solution is to be found in:-

common sense

collaboration and

a common vision for the children.

The solution is not to be found in:-

expensive online homework tasks that schools deliver by passing on costs to parents

annual subscriptions to provide homework that could be more effectively provided by teachers or

unproven programs, that while entertaining, may be offloading a school’s responsibility.

Parents look to schools for leadership and solutions.

Is this too much to expect?