How To Help Children With Learning Limitations

Whether you feel your child/children may have learning limitations or not, or whether you would like to help them practise sensible strategies, that work, you can follow a few simple ideas.

Children with learning limitations need: –

  • A multi-sensory approach: visual – see, auditory – hear, tactile – feel

  • An environment that is quiet, calm, structured, consistent and fair

  • Short, simple instructions

  • Time to process, respond, do work, finish work

  • Structured work that is systematic and methodical

  • Direct, specific, explicit teaching

  • Checklists

  • Self-correcting materials and programs

  • Colours for checking, recording, matching, highlighting

  • Quick feedback about their work

They need to be shown from big – little, easy – hard, simple – complex, concrete – abstract, visual – auditory


They need to be taught with a system, routine, structure and method.