Choosing Books That Match Your Child

When you go to the library or bookstore, how do you know which books cialismax match your child? First, your children will have a few ideas, so ask them. Their reading interests and needs will change as they grow.

Here are some things to look for to help you choose.

Remember that there is a difference between books you read to them and books they read independently.


  • Big

  • Bright

  • Colourful

  • Durable

  • Sensory

  • Short

  • Fun


  • clear, colourful and engaging pictures

  • simple, fun plots

  • rhymes and repetition, easy to repeat

  • stories that in courage questions and ideas about the world

  • concepts around letters, numbers, shapes and colours

  • characters around child’s age

  • animal characters that grab attention

Beginning Readers

  • words and pictures that match

  • alphabet books

  • topic books with large pictures and 1-4 words per page

  • book sets that are graded from easiest to easier to easy

  • colourful illustrations that bring text to life

  • large pictures and 1-2 sentences

  • short words

  • frequently used words – example: the, is, he, she

Progressing Readers

  • books that interest

  • favourite authors

  • how-to books

  • favourite characters

  • fiction and non-fiction

  • graded ability from easy to moderate to extending

  • increasing levels of word knowledge and reading ability