Being Together is the Best Learning


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As a parent you might wonder what role you play in your children’s learning and education. You might ask, what can I do to assist my children in their schooling? Well you might be surprised to hear, YOU are the answer.

Your role as a parent is the primary source of your child’s knowledge of language, values, attitudes, choices of friends, and even his or her approach to school and success.

You are the constant in your children’s lives, and can help create a home environment that is extraordinarily effective, knowledgeable and influential.  After all, you are your children’s best role model.

Connecting with your child can unlock a boundless amount of potential, as you grow and learn together to create brighter futures. I find the best way to provide life experience and positive learning is to start with the basics:



bee-01Read together – a bit each night – take turns

Pick a favourite book from your own childhood to make sharing more meaningful and interactive. Reading together is a great way to discover new ways of communicating and relating to everyday life.


bee-01Turn off the TV

TV can disrupt the natural communication between parent and child. Creating a distraction-free environment can open up a new space for discussion, and help bring a fresh focus to family time.


bee-01Talk about your day at work and school

Starting a daily dialogue with your children is essential in understanding and overcoming any challenges at school or home.  Problem solving as a family relieves stress and provides support for better learning and development.


bee-01Watch the news together, and then talk about it

The news can often be overwhelming and confusing for children. Choosing appropriate stories to watch together can help your children learn about different cultures, countries, world issues, and the people around them.


bee-01Give children jobs around the house

Giving your children odd jobs allows them to not only learn about their home, but also learn the value of goal-setting and teamwork. These skills are a great foundation for interactions at school, and beyond into the adult world.




Looking for more ways to connect with your kids at home?
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