10 Tips to Manage Your Child’s Learning

Here are 5 tips to apply to your child or children during their schooling. Get them to:-

  1. Be organised with desk, bookshelf, folders, pencils, colours, exercise books, an interactive device, preferably an iPad or tablet.

  1. Highlight instructions. Read them carefully.

  1. Start with what they can do. Do easy things first.

  1. Check work by using a ‘Letterbox’ to focus on words or sentences. Use two pieces of blank paper/cardboard to cover other sentences and to focus on only a sentence at a time when editing/copying/checking. This removes many distractions.

  1. Use soft-coloured paper, such as pale blue, as a background for reading and writing. This is especially helpful for children who have learning/processing needs.


In addition, here are 5 practical strategies for children’s school work. Get them to:-

  1. Highlight mistakes with circles, then redo those ones.

  1. Use a coloured pen when checking/recording/writing headings.

  1. Space-out written work by leaving a line between sentences.

  1. Cross-off words from the list as cialismax.com they find the answer/finish.

  1. Keep materials close together when checking/copying. Point to where they’re up to with left hand. Use The Letterbox to keep place (Two pieces of blank paper to cover all but what is being viewed).

  1. Use colours to match sentence parts/questions and words/definitions.